PT. Oncoprobe Utama

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Company Profile


PT Oncoprobe Utama was founded in 2001, an enterprise specializing in supplying In Vitro diagnostic tools, known as Rapid Test, used mainly as screening purpose. In ten years we have grown to be one of the biggest Rapid Test Supplier in Indonesia, spreading to National & International based Hospital, Health Organization and Multitude Distributors in every major city. Our goal is to educate the usage of Rapid Test as diagnostic device which regarded as inexpensive, accurate and fast.


Throughout the years Oncoprobe has successfully maintain its strong brand. With a competent R&D Department originating from America, every product must be evaluated beforehand in a Quality Test, not once but twice; that is as our commitment to serve you only the finest items. Some of our best-selling products have also been certified by National Red Cross as a compatible and reliable test with high Sensitivity and Specificity. As speed is a crucial aspect in medical field, we are well adopted to Agile Systems starting from the Purchase Monitor, Open Management, Punctuate Delivery, Fast Trouble Shooting, to, exceeding your expectation, an Excellent Service.


In the years to come we are planning to continue increasing product range, as human’s health suggests, accessibility not only to local but global market, and an endless renewal of our system to meet the growing needs of mankind.